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Dialog editing


Again a probably stupid question.

Could not find a Dialog editing tool for Begin Dialog.... end Dialog ...

Maybe I'm blind...

Do I have to install a Dlg Editor and then copy past code?

What's the solution for it in Premier?



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  • edited July 2015

    Premier has a different way of creating dialogs, they called Apps. Premier has a full featured dialog designer (VB.NET style), please check this video tutorial: 

  • Hi Yuri,

    I tried already.

    In the designer mode I could at least run a test sample APP via RunApp.

    However, the nice videos just show very superficial things.  

    But: How do I run the app within a sub?

    Or: How do I pass a variable that is entered in e.g. a text.box of an APP in designer re sub mode?

    Do you have example code for such things? (I really tried hard to read and look at tutorials a.s.o. but I did not find something that really helps - it is not easy to become familiar with these totally new ways....)



  • Thx - this helped!
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