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Converting scripts from IPP7 to IPP9

I have 10+ years of experience in writing scripts in IPP versions 4 to 7, and the new scripting in IPP9 has left me somewhat confused.

Is there anything available for people in my situation to help smooth the transition? A guide, or even a tool that will convert scripts for me?

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    There's a help file "Image-Pro Premier Automation Help" available in the Help menu of the Project Workbench. I would recommend reading the first chapter "Automation Overview", it explains many of the new concepts found in Image-Pro Premier scripting. In addition to this, the information provided has been extended and improved for the next version of Premier, and now includes a section about converting Auto-Pro macros which I am attaching here.

    Otherwise, feel free to post specific questions on the forum.



  • Thanks for those hints and that document. I will see how today goes and ask any specific questions when I get to them.
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