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On a customer Premier 9.1.4, clicking Add App, giving it a name, and then saving it (Load) creates an error "Expecting a var name. Module "App1.vb", line 3, character 92." This puts the cusor right before the MyControl.Load text. No matter what name I give the App, how many changes I make to it, whenever I click Load I get this error. Comparing the code to my demo laptop code which runs perfectly, they are identical. Any ideas?

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    Hi dcimaging,

    Thank you for report, I'll file this to fix in the next version. Workaround:

    Open .ipp (project file) in the Notepad and remove the directory name before app's form name.

        LoadModule "C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\Image-Pro Premier 64-Bit\9.1\Scripts\Project1\App1.vb"

    Should be changed to:
        LoadModule "App1.vb"

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