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How do I select a reference not on the list of available references?


I would like to select a reference that is not on the list of available references.

Currently I am loading two apps, "Otolith.ipp" and "Otolith M.ipp". The app with the features and functions I want to work is the "Otolith.ipp" app; however, the app does not function unless the "Otolith M.ipp" app is loaded first. One of the major underlying differences I can find between the two applications is that the Otolith M.ipp function has the reference "Otolith_M_Designers-40b039c707b35f2c4dd8e79eaf050f87-A5C9...." and the "Otolith.ipp" application has the reference "Otolith_Designers-fe0e1eedcf568d785200486c8a752bec-566111..."

Is it possible for me to add the Otolith M designers reference in the Otolith project?

Any help is much appreciated.


  • Hi livilson,

    These apps are independent and self-contained and should not affect each other. In order to identify the problem with Otolith app, please, describe your system (hardware, IP Premier and Otolith version), unload Otolith M App, restart Premier and describe what is not working in the Otolith App.

    Thank you,
  • Hi Nikita,

    I am using
    - Hardware: Dell computer with Windows 7 Professional, 64-vit OS, and 16 GB of RAM.
    - Software: Image Pro Premier version 9.1.5262. For some background info, I am not able to update Premier until all features of this otolith app are functional; our lab financial deadlines that require use of IP Plus 7.0 and a macro called "ringed structures."
    - Otolith: I cannot find a version number, but I am using the version that includes in "Save in 'One Click' Results in Text file." 

    I have unloaded Otolith M and now when I open Otolith, each of the steps to the app appear all at the same time instead of one at a time (Image, Calibrations, Transect Line, Marks, etc. are all on the same screen instead of being selectable using the "Next" ande "Back" buttons) and nothing happens when I select the 'Folder' button to open an image in the Image section of the Otolith app.

    Thanks for the help.
  • Hi liwilson,

    The version of the app is on the supertooltip:

    It look like the Otolith app is not "loaded" at startup. To load app you need to open Project Workbench, double click on the Otolith in the Project Explorer panel and click "Load" in the Project ribbon group.

  • edited September 2015
    Hi NikitaRG,

    Now that the App is loaded the supertooltip does show that I have app version 9.1.0.

    When I start using the app the now only the "Image" section appears, this part of the app is now working.

    In the 'Image' section, there are three button options, Folder, Folder Otolith, and Gear, with only the first and last active. Unfortunately nothing happens after I select the 'Folder' button.

    Thanks for your attention.
  • I suspect, your app is corrupted. I'll ask technical support to help you.

  • Hi Nikita, thank you for the support.
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