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SET AS RECORDING TARGET seems capable of being a PROJECT that is not open . . .

All --

I had two PROJECTS open within PREMIER.  Lets call them A and B.

I removed PROJECT A and PROJECT B from the PREMIER then I added EXISTING PROJECT C.

I started working on PROJECT C without specifically performing a


to set the CODE of PROJECT C.

As part of that work, I did a RECORD MACRO.


PREMIER opened one of the files associated with PROJECT A and recorded the macro in that module.

I am ABSOLUTELY SURE that I had not set a PROJECT A module as the RECORDING TARGET while it was open but after the RECORD MACRO, the PROJECT was open within PREMIER again.

It seems that PREMIER chose one of the modules of PROJECT A as a RECORDING TARGET (even though it was closed) based on some logic that I cannot follow.

Can someone please follow up on this and determine whether this is PILOT ERROR (beyond just forgetting to SET A RECORDING TARGET) or whether this is GLITCH that needs some TLC?


-- Matt

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    Thanks for reporting this, I checked with the latest code which will be released with the next version of Premier and it's behaving appropriately, so the issue will be addressed in Premier 9.2.



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    Pierre --


    Sorry slow to CLOSE this QUESTION / DISCUSSION.


    -- Matt
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