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I have created a macro that takes images using an Infinity camera that works well. However, we have another camera (Opticam, I think) that doesn't work with the normal image acquisition tool and only works through the scan function in (I'm using ImagePro 6.3). However, I cannot record a macro snapping an image from the scan tool. Is this possible?


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    I'm afraid there are no macros for scanner acquisition.

    The scan function uses TWAIN to communicate with scanners and some cameras, and provides a way to communicate with devices where the manufacture doesn't have the resources or interest to create a complete capture interface to Image-Pro, but has an existing TWAIN driver. 

    Unfortunately, the TWAIN interface itself doesn't expose any automation; there are no hooks through which we could drive acquisition. The only things we can control are selecting a TWAIN source and displaying the control dialog supplied by the manufacturer  - those are exposed with IpScanSelect( ) and IpScanShow( ).

    TWAIN is very much a 'least common denominator' solution - it's functionality is deliberately limited in order to be as general and easy to implement as possible. 
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