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how I can count number of drops ?

Good afternoon,
Could someone help me to count the number of drops(the blue stains) inside the photo below ? I also want to know the mean diameter and the coverage percentage ?
note: actually I know how to do this but I want to check if my method is correct or not, so it would be better if there will be some details.


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    Alaa --

    I did not calibrate the images and I only worked on a CROPPED SECTION of the image but here are the results that I got.

    Feature Name    Area(pix^2)    Percent Area (%)    Diameter, Mean(pix)
    Mean value    730.08    0.30    22.85
    Standard Deviation    1149.40    0.48    18.59
    Minimum    15.00    0.01    4.56
    Maximum    6258.00    2.60    86.17
    Range    6243.00    2.60    81.61
    Sum    63517.00    26.40    1987.57
    Index of Minimum    78.00    78.00    45.00
    Index of Maximum    48.00    48.00    48.00
    Number of Elements    87.00    87.00    87.00

    I have also attempted to attach a copy of the TIF IMAGE FILE (and a JPG VERSION since the FORUM seems to like that beter) that I analyzed.

    I hope that information is helpful.

    -- Matt

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