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Sorting objects in data table

after using learning classification I am able to go to the data table and sort one of the classes by one of the criteria (in this case intensity standard deviation) to allow me to focus on the objects most likely to be incorrectly classified. I can then reclassify them using the method previously recommended. After an object or consecutive set of objects is selected and reclassified to the correct class. The data table view jumps to the class in which the object was placed (as expected). I thought only showing the class for which I was removing objects in the table would be faster but for some reason, the program refused to sort by the selected criteria.....when I try to reorder by increasing or decreasing intensity the arrow changes but the objects do not reorder. Is there a reason or a fix for this?


  • Do you mean "Object:Class" measurement? I just tried and the sorting works correctly form me.
    When you show only one class, sorting of the table by "Object:Class" doesn't change as the values in the Class column are all the same.

  • No, when I select that I only want to display data for one class but then try to sort that data by intensity std deviation, the objects don't sort. The arrow changes directions for increasing or decreasing but the objects don't get rearranged. Very odd
  • The order of the objects changes but it is not in an increasing or decreasing fashion
  • Yuri, I think it is okay. If I leave the other classes "collapsed" and only leave the one I am removing objects from it sorts correctly and when I reclassify an object to a different class it only changes to a table in which all the classes are collapsed and it is easy to open the class of interest again and re-sort. Not ideal but bearable.
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