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Can the contents of the Feature Manager be exported or searched?

I have  2 questions concerning the Feature Manger:  1) Can the contents of the Feature Manager (.roi file) be exported or searched?  and 2) How can I set up the Data Collector to record the source ROI(s) in the Feature Manager for measurements I take?   Thanks in advance!

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    Feature Manager, that is...
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    There is no facility to search the entries in the Features Manager.  It was not envisioned as a facility for storing a really large number of features and so does not have data-base capabilities such as search, filtering and so on.  Of course, you can save and load named groups of stored features.

    If you want the Data Collector to record ROIs in the Features Manager, you would need to load them on some image as Measurements.  If you give them a unique class name, they would show up as distinct from other measurements on the same image.
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    Thanks Craig! Perhaps it is something to think about for future versions. 
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