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line profile widh limitation

I would like to increase the width of the line profile tool in order to average the RGB distribution over a larger area.
Is there a way to go over the "99" width limitation?

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    Hi Alban,

    As a workaround you can apply Large Low-Pass filter with only horizontal kernel, for example 299x1 and then check the vertical line profile with width 1. If will be equivalent to using of 299 line profile width.

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    Alban --

    I have worked up a little PROJECT that I believe will answer your question posted at 1022AM today (2016-05-03).

    I have attached this as an IPX file named


    Open one of your images and then run


    to do the LINE PROFILE on a vertical line at the center of the image.

    Open one of your image and then run


    to do the LINE PROFILE on a vertical line that scans across the image.

    There are probably more sophisticated ways to accomplish these tasks but hopefully this is helpful information.

    -- Matt


  • Hi Alban,

    Unfortunately, this is UI limitation. I’ll file your request for the future implementation.

    Thank you,

  • Thanks it works well.
    I automatized this procedure with a macro but i'm struggling with the angle of the line. How can i do to add a  line vertically automatically?
  • thanks it helps a lot!
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