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Watershed (v9.2)

I have attached 2 images, before and after a watershed. This result is what I expect (it was not done with ImagePro). I cannot get close to this result with ImagePro and I think this is because I have to set a threshold to binarise the image. But I don't understand why I need to binarise the image for a watershed. Can anyone help me to get close to this result in ImagePro?

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    Watershed filter in both IP Plus and IP Premier is based on distance map, which is created on binarized image. In both applications you have to define threshold level to do binarization.

    There is also "Gray watershed", which you can find in 3D filters, Morphological panel. That filter doesn't use thresholding and works directly on Gray-scale image (not distance map), you just have to define Preflood level.




  • Thanks Yuri - the 3D filter version is what I was looking for. Paul Sheppard
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