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Using FEATURE MANAGER after a SPLIT seems to have an issue . . .

All --

It seems there is an issue using the FEATURE MANAGER after performing a SPLIT with the MANUAL SPLIT TOOL.

If an image is opened (RICE.TIF for example) and the BRIGHT OBJECTS are COUNTED with the standard FILTERS on then there will be 74 FEATURES found.

If the FEATURE MANAGER is used to store these FEATURES in an ROI FILE by:

-- SAVE + File name (1.roi for example)

then the features from RICE.TIF can be recalled by

-- OPEN + File name (1.roi for example)
-- Set Collection to Image

If a MANUAL SPLIT TOOL SPLIT is performed on one RICE GRAIN (making 75 FEATURES) and the same steps are executed except that the ROI FILE is named 2.roi then the FEATURE MANAGER will not have any measurements in it.

Looking at the size and content of the ROI FILES, it looks like 2.roi is defective in some way.

The FORUM will not let me attach the 1.roi and 2.roi files generated by the method described above but I have opened them both using EXCEL and done a SCREEN CAPTURE.

1.roi has 74 objects and after splitting on rice grain it looks like 2.roi has 75 objects within it but FEATURE MANAGER is not accessing them via an OPEN.


Can you please try this and see if this issue is reproducible and if there is a way around it?

I'm still using 9.1.4 also.


-- Matt

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    I cannot reproduce your problem in the latest Image-Pro Premier x64 (9.2.1, not yet released) or in my install of Image-Pro Premier x64 9.1.4.  I see from your screen capture that your "1" and "2" ROI file sizes are 37KB and 47KB, while mine are 73KB and 84KB, respectively.

    Are you using 32bit Premier (the data written out to a ROI file is the same in the 32bit and 64bit versions of Premier, but the binary images are not identical)?  However, I found an install of Premier 32bit 9.2, and the test is working correctly for me there too (and the ROI file sizes are still 73KB and 84KB).

    Your ROI file size will not necessarily be identical to mine for your situation, since the ROI file includes overlay information as well as just the feature bounds, but I'm surprised that the sizes are that different.  Note that the ROI file does not include measurement data: measurements are recomputed when the features are applied to the image from the Feature Manager.

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    Premier 9.2 has multiple improvements and it's a free upgrade for Premier 9.1.4 users, please update your copy to 9.2 version, so we can be on the same page. I don't see your problem in 9.2.

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    Matt, I can reproduce your problem loading 2.roi.  And I've also figured out a way to create a non-loading roi file here.

    The problem only happens if the "Filled" box is checked in the "Outlines" section of the "Measurement Options" panel.  I'll submit a bug and see if I can get it fixed in time for the upcoming 9.2.1 point release.  For now, just leave "Filled" unchecked when placing measurements in the Features Manager after doing your split.


  • Craig and Yuri --

    Thank you for your quick responses.

    Its a frustration that this behavior happens on my system and not on yours.

    The ABOUTs for the PREMIER and the OS on my system are below.

    I'll send you


    to you both via e-mail but it looks like the best path forward is to upgrade to 9.2.

    Hopefully that will resolve the issue.


    -- Matt

  • Craig --

    Thank you very much for tracking down the combination of options that generate this issue.

    I can easily have the code switch FILLED OFF before the FEATURE MANAGER + ADD + SAVE and then switch back to FILLED ON (customer preference).

    Thanks again.

    -- Matt
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