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We are using Otolith app 9.1.5, Image Pro Premier version 9.2, and both 64-bit and 32-bit Windows.

At the end of the day, we leave the Otolith app open, shut down IP Premier and our computers, and then the next morning when we open IP Premier, the app opens by default. It is nice that the app opens; however, the AppForm window is much larger than the window and the user needs to scroll down to the bottom of the form to access the page navigation buttons.  I have tried changing the AppForm layout property AutoSize to True (default is False) and this did not fix the issue. We are able to reset the AppForm size by removing the app from the project workbench and reloading the app.

I am hoping that there is a setting that can be changed to prevent the AppForm re-size for a re-opened app?

This occurs on every computer, 64-bit and 32-bit.

Thank you,



  • Hi Lorna,

    You should reset the tools layout (View tab, Tools drop-down, Reset Tools Layout button).

  • Lorna --

    Here is another possibility that I mention because it happened to me a while back with another application . . .

    Does the behavior you documented happen when PREMIER is shut down from a NORMAL MODE, MAXIMIZED MODE, or MINIMIZED MODE?

    If a WINDOWS APP is MINIMIZED when it is shut down, the variables that remember the SIZE and POSITION of WINDOWS may get saved in a "strange" configuration.


    -- Matt
  • This happens to us and we just close the app and reopen it, then it is sized correctly.
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