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problems with live tiling

I am using the latest version of image pro insight with windows 7 64 bit, and a lumenera 3-6ur c camera. I am trying to image some computer chips. The live tiling function gets confused by areas with repeated patterns. I would happily add the tiles manually, but the active ROI window skips around when it is confused, so I can't stay in the same place long enough to add a tile. Is there an ideal overlap percentage when changing from a vertical row to a horizontal one, and are they any settings in the live tiling options menu that would help? I am using the default settings and I don't know the implications of changing them. The situation is a bit better with a x5 objective compared with a x10, but I'd like to use the x10 sometimes.  I have noticed that the camera is only giving 7.5 fps although it is capable of 27 fps and is attached to a usb 3.0 port. Does the software slow the frame rate down?  Any help gratefully received. 


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    You can try to increase Matching Threshold parameter (on Live Tiling options page), it will disable adding tiles automatically on low correlation matching. You can also switch off Auto-Tiling and add tiles using the Add button.

    Another option is to add some random pattern to the sample (e.g. add some dust on top), to reduce visibility of regular patterns.


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    The frame rate on the camera may be improved by changing a setting in the capture panel on the Settings tab in the Custom Controls section. Change the Optimize control to Speed instead of Quality. If you are using a color camera, changing the preview bayer interpolation in the Color section to High Quality instead of Highest Quality will also provide a speed improvement. If you don't see the Optimize control in the panel, please install the hotfix for Insight 9.1 available at http://www.mediacy.com/support/productupdates, selecting Insight as the product.

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    I've had more success with a matching threshold of 75% and motion detection off. The square stays red but when I add a tile it is actually correct. The physical overlap was about 30% between tiles. Does this make sense and should I consider other factors?  I've spent a lot of energy keeping my samples clean so adding dust isn't an option in this instance.
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    Thanks for your help. Some of my specimens are difficult because they have repeating patterns, but some are easy and the software works using the default settings. What is confusing me now are the EDF options in live tiling. Sometimes the tiles are added automatically and sometimes they have to be added manually, in which case what EDF options to I need to make sure that after a tile is added the focus can be tweaked? I am not sure why sometimes the tiles add automatically with a yellow box (it never goes green), and at other times although the box is yellow the tiles do not auto add. All help gratefully received.
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