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count stained particles


I just start using the Image pro premier 9.2.

I want to count the stained particles in tissue slides but I'm a little bit confused how to get the results.

At first, I use smart segmentation and count/size tools but the result that I got seems to have lots of errors. Then, I try to use the threshold tool (by using multiple ranges of intensity and hue) and count. However, I don't know how to get the output in both count number and intensity (pixels). Could you please give me some suggestions or solutions about this?

Moreover, does image pro premier have a positive pixel algorithm for granules/particles quantitative analysis?

Thank you.


  • First of all I would recommend you to check our tutorials on the Media page: http://www.mediacy.com/resources/media 

    The "Smart Segmentation" tutorial can give you the info you want. The object intensity is reported by "Density (mean)" measurement. (also min, max, std.dev)


  • Hi Yuri,

    I have watch some tutorials but I will check out more of them then.
    I got the report like you said. However, Is it possible if i want to get customized measurement (like custom the range of intensity.)?

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