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A PERMIER 3D user has 3D IMAGE STACKS saved by a device that saves the STACKS as DICOM DCM FILES.

On their computer, they have IMAGEJ and a TAG within the DCM FILE exists that gives the dimension of the VOXELS in um / pixel in X, Y, and Z.

When I open one of their DCM FILES within PREMIER 3D V9.3 using

    ** FILE OPEN

the CALIBRATION in XYZ from the DICOM DCM FILE TAG does not seem to be digested and applied to the image so X, Y, and Z are set to UNCALIBRATED or 1, 1, 1 Pixel per VOXEL when I activate the 3D VIEW MODE.  This is shown below.

I have flipped through the DOCUMENT PROPERTIES in PREMIER 3D V9.3 for the DCM IMAGE and the closest I can come to what I'm looking for is SIZE in the EXPERT TEMPLATE as shown below but this seems to be a PRINT SIZE or something else because it shows a RESOLUTION of 100 DPI and WIDTH and HEIGHT in INCHES.  This is shown below.

Is there something I'm doing wrong or is this feature of the DICOM DCM IMAGE FILES not supported by PREMIER 3D V9.3?


-- Matt

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    Premier only provides basic support for DICOM files so it might be missing the calibration information. I'll file a bug for that. If you can email me the file I'll attach it to the issue report for later testing.




  • 2017-02-10-154516

    Pierre --

    I'll ask for permission from the file owner to send you a copy of the file.

    -- Matt
  • 2017-02-14-144334

    Pierre --

    I have received permission from the FILE OWNER to send you a copy of the file.

    The DCM FILE is 305.5 MB.

    How would you like me to transmit it to you?


    -- Matt
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