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Macro transfer


is it possible to transfer already written macros from one program to another (other computer)? If yes, how? We are using Image-pro Premier 9.2.

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  • Hi Sana,

    The easiest way is to package your macro project (in the File menu), this will put all the necessary files in one IPX package which can be loaded directly on the other computer.

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    Sana --

    MACRO PROGRAMS (PROJECTS) for PREMIER are stored in files that may have

    ** VB
    ** IPP
    ** IPX

    file extensions.

    You should be able to track down where your PROJECT FILES are by searching for these files on your COMPUTER or by doing a FILE SAVE AS within the PROJECT WORKBENCH.

    After you have tracked down the FILES, you can copy them to your other PREMIER COMPUTER and then perform an ADD EXISTING PROJECT.

    I hope this information is helpful.

    -- Matt
  • Sana,

    If you are an advanced programmer, then tracking file folders with all dependency files, as Matt suggested, can be used. Otherwise just use IPX file, as Pierre recommended, it includes all project files (and all additional files, such as options) and that's the only file you need to distribute.


  • Thank you all for your quick response!

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