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How do I eliminate a BAD REFERENCE in a PREMIER AUTOMATION written for 9.1 that complains in 9.2?


All --

I have a PROJECT / APP written and tested with PREMIER 9.1 that I will not run properly in PREMIER 9.2.

The PROJECT WORKBENCH throws the following ERROR during LOADING.

I found a reference to this DLL in the IPP FILE and I removed it and the error still appears.


-- Matt

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    Hi Matt,

    This DLL no longer exists in 9.2, so the refence should be just removed. You can remove the reference in the References dialog of the project workbench (the same dialog where you add references).
    If you still get the error try to restart Premier to be sure that it's not using a cached version of the project.



  • 21-FEB

    Yuri --

    Thanks for your suggestion.

    I'll try that when I'm back at my desk next week.

    Thanks again.

    -- Matt

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