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Align RGB channels

(Originally posted by Rik on 1/29/2007)

I would like to align color channels (by hand) without decreasing by bit depth (12 bit images). Normally I would use the color composite for that but unfortunately, that only outputs 8 bit images.
Is there another standard option I am overlooking?



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    (Originally posted by YuriG on 1/30/2006)

    You can use
    ret = IpWsCopy()
    ret = IpWsPaste(10, 0)
    check that "Apply with blend" option is off.
    Just note that the clipboard supports only 8-bits per channel.

    Another way to shift the image is to create a "Shift" kernel (Filters | Kernels tab - New button) . For example, 2x1 kernel with values "0 1" will shift image by 1 pixel to the right. Executing the filter with 10 passes will shift image by 10 pixels.
    This method will work correctly on images of any type.

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