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issues with composite apply

I'm trying to overlay a bright field (BF) and a GFP image. I'm using the composite function, add the BF image, change the color from red to brightfield, add  the green image, use the BF as Background and apply. It all works fine manually when I record the macro. But when I use the code generated,  the resulting image has again the Red color instead of the Gray brightfield image.

Here is the code I use.

        With Adjust.ColorCompositeCommands.[New](GFPoverlay)
        End With

              With Application.DocumentCommands.Activate(GFPoverlay)
           .Run(doc3, doc3)
       End With

     With Adjust.ColorCompositeCommands.Add(GFPoverlay)
            .Run(doc3, image1)
        End With

        With Adjust.ImageCommands.Tint(GFPoverlay)
           .DyeName = "Brightfield"
           .EmissionWavelength = 550
           .Color = System.Drawing.Color.FromArgb(CType(255, Byte),CType(255, Byte),CType(255, Byte))
           .ApplyProperties = True
       End With

        With Adjust.ColorCompositeCommands.SetBackground(GFPoverlay)
           .BGImage = image1
       End With

       With Adjust.ColorCompositeCommands.BestFitDisplay(GFPoverlay)
            .Mode = ColorComposite.BestFitDisplay.BestFitModes.BestFit
            .ChannelsOption = ColorComposite.BestFitDisplay.ChannelsOptions.Extremes
            .Run(doc3, image1)
        End With

        With Adjust.ColorCompositeCommands.Add(GFPoverlay)
            .Run(doc3, image2)
        End With

        With Adjust.ColorCompositeCommands.Apply(GFPoverlay)
            .Visible = True
            .Cleanup = True
            .Result = ColorComposite.ApplyResults.Image
            .Dimension = ColorComposite.SequenceDimensions.Auto
        End With

I thought it was a time issue, so I added a wait (30 seconds) before the apply  section but it is still the same.

Any Idea what is wrong ?

Thank you


  • Hi jpclamme,

    Thank you for reporting the issue. I'll take a look. The current workaround is to set "Brightfield" before adding image to the Color Composite view. If Tint is set then CC will use it.

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