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Image-Pro Premier and microscope hardware i.e. stages

As Image-Pro Premier does not yet have a solution to incorporate microscope hardware i.e. stages etc. ( ref.  Stage/Scope Pro in Image-Pro Plus ) would it be an easy task to do this using ad-ins ? Has this successfully been done?

Rita Skare Peaker


  • Hi Rita,

    This approach involves some development but yes it has been used successfully by other partners.

  • 2017-03-29-100251

    Rita --

    I have created a PREMIER APP which supports the PRIOR STAGE and FOCUS via the OPTISCAN and PROSCAN controllers.

    This APP is not as flexible as SCOPE-PRO / STAGE-PRO but it provides a solid foundation for anyone that would like to control the XYZ on a SCOPE via PRIOR HARDWARE from within PREMIER.  The APP also includes a DEMO APP that illustrates how to communicate with the XYZ APP and therefore how to communicate with the XYZ HARDWARE.

    Below is the TITLE PAGE from the DOCUMENTATION for this APP and a zoomed in view of the GRAPHIC that shows the UI.

    I hope this information is helpful

    -- Matt

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