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Image Pro Plus crashes when trying to load tags

A student of mine counted muscle fibers from histology slides using Image Pro Plus. The image opens just fine, but when I try to upload the saved tags, Image Pro crashes. This happens on 18 of the 20 images he counted. Could it be that too many tags were added?

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    I checked your files and loading the tag file crashes IPPlus, though your file is loaded properly by Premier. I don't know when this issue can be addressed in IPPlus, this is an old version, but you may download Premier and test it there, load TAG file from the measurements Data Table, Load button. The result will look like this (the table is grouped by classes, so the total count of every tag class is shown::



  • It's hard to tell what the problem is without checking the file. Can you ZIP the tag file and attached to the post?


  • Sure. Here it is.
  • One more point: Premier has Grains app that can automatically segment cells on images of your type, then Learning classification can be used to classify cells by any measurement parameter. 

    I played with the image and the result looks like this:

    Let me know if you are interested in the app, I can give more details.

  • Thanks so much, Yuri! You saved me a lot of time. The Grains app is very interesting. How would I go about downloading Premier?
  • You can follow the link "Request quote" on Premier's page http://www.mediacy.com/imagepropremier and get a download link for an evaluation copy of Premier, which you can use to test it with your images. The Grains app is free, I've attached it to the post, use the parameters as on my screenshot.


  • Hi Wesan,

    The grains on your images are quite complex, as I can see from your manual drawing a grain can includes other sub-grains with different intensities, which cannot be handled by the app.
    As a general advice, you may try using some pre-processing: contrast enhancement, noise suppression,... before the app, to see if it can improve the results.


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