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How to choose directory of files to analyze

(Originally posted by briere on 2/25/2007)

I am writing a macro to analyze all images in a directory and subdirectory. I would like the user be able to choose the directory by browsing and not by typing the full path. I tried IpWsGetName, but it works only for files not for directory. How is it possible to do that with IpBasic ?



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    (Originally posted by KevinR on 2/26/2007)

    Try the following:

    Function GetDirectory() As String
    	Dim dirName As String, destName As String
    	Dim demarkation As Integer
    	GetDirectory = ""
    	dirName = GetFilePath("Destination folder", "", "C:\", "Go to the desired folder", 3)
    	If dirName = "" Then
    		Exit Sub
    	End If
    	demarkation = InStrRev(dirName, "\")
    	destName = Left(dirName, demarkation)
    	GetDirectory = destName
    End Function

    You can customize this some more by passing in a starting directory and a prompt, as desired.



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    How to create a macro in image pro plus 6 for measuring the area of all images in a directory.

    Thank You

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    edited July 2015
    Hi Carlos,

    Multi-image processing can be done using batch macro (Batch_Process.ipm), you can find that macro in the Scripts folder.

    There are some posts on this forum related to batch processing, you can search for it using "batch" key word.

    Here are some links: 


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