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Including specific treshold values in macros

How can I include specific threshold values in macro? When analysing branching - firstly I get the sceletonized image and apply the "Branch End filter" to images. After that is possible to define the threshold parameters for different classes: tips, branches and lines in between, but I have to do that by hand for every picture separately. Can I somehow include the specific threshold values in macro, so that the procedure could be more automized and not so time consuming?

And also - when defining the threshold parameters for different classes - they always have to be in the exact order, otherwise the  count wont work. For branches the values are 31-50, for tips 11-20 and for lines 21-30. Why the specific order?


  • Hi Sana,

    The easiest way is to setup thresholds on a sample image, click Count and save the measurement options to OPT file. Then you just load a new image, load the OPT file and click Count.
    You can also record all these steps to a macro. 

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