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Live Tiling & Live EDF with Image-Pro Insight

With Image-Pro Insight, you can stitch together multiple fields of view as you manually move around your specimen using Live Tiling. If your sample has varying depths, you can manually adjust your z focus using EDF to create a focused image as you tile.  No automated stages or z motors required.
Here’s how to do it:

1. Start a Live Preview by clicking on the "Live" button in the Capture tab.


2. Go to the Live Tiling Tab and select the arrow – below the word “Run”.

3. From your Live Tiling drop down options, select the “Use EDF Adding Tiles” option.  This will enable the EDF functionality during Live Tiling.  

4. Next, select the “Auto EDF” option to automatically EDF frames as you adjust focus.  If this selection is unchecked, you can perform a manual EDF by clicking the Add button.

5. Now you can start to create focused, tiled images.

View the Live Tiling & Live EDF Video to learn more:

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