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Restore view of Image-Pro Plus application

(Originally posted by jonshort on 6/11/2007)

I created an IPP 5.1 macro that has a custom form. The macro walks users through recording a couple linear measurements, then opens Excel and exports the data. My problem is that if the IPP window is minimized while the macro is running I can't get the IPP window to view again when I click on the program in the task bar. Only the IPP macro form is visible. If I right click on the task bar item and click Restore it will be visible again, but my users are getting confused. Suggestions?



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    edited June 2013

    (Originally posted by KevinR on 6/12/2007)

    You can use the "IpAppRestore( )" function for this. This can be an additional button on the dialog, or checked when you do something else in the dialog.

    See the code below:


    ' Restore application view
    Sub TestRestore()
    	Begin Dialog UserDialog 180,84,"Testing Restore",.dlgRestore ' %GRID:10,7,1,1
    		PushButton 40,14,90,21,"Restore",.Restore
    		OKButton 40,49,90,21
    	End Dialog
    	Dim dlg As UserDialog
    	Dialog dlg
    End Sub
    Rem See DialogFunc help topic for more information.
    Private Function dlgRestore(DlgItem$, Action%, SuppValue?) As Boolean
    	Select Case Action%
    	Case 1 ' Dialog box initialization
    	Case 2 ' Value changing or button pressed
    		dlgRestore = True ' Prevent button press from closing the dialog box
    		Select Case DlgItem$
    		Case "Restore"
    			ret = IpAppRestore( )
    		Case "OK"
    			dlgRestore = False
    		End Select
    	Case 3 ' TextBox or ComboBox text changed
    	Case 4 ' Focus changed
    	Case 5 ' Idle
    		Rem Wait .1 : dlgRestore = True ' Continue getting idle actions
    	Case 6 ' Function key
    	End Select
    End Function


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