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How do I merge 3D OBJECTS and then perform a FILTER?


All --

A customer has a question that I am passing along.

If a sample can be carried into the 3D portion of PREMIER 3D and then an ISO SURFACE can be added, if an object is split by the THRESHOLD, is there a way to "WELD" two objects together so they are counted as one?

I have generated an example image set named

    Merged Sequence C.tif

This example image is attached.

Right now, I can find all of the objects and I can FILTER out all but the LARGEST OBJECT.  This is shown in the first image below.

I would like to "weld" together the LARGE CENTRAL OBJECT and some of the surrounding smaller objects and then I would like to filter our the remaining SMALLER OBJECTS.  This is shown in the second image below.  This what done by building a bridge between the two objects in the first frame of the sequence in 2D.

Is there a way to do this using the tools in the 3D section of PREMIER 3D?


-- Matt

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    Hi Matt,

    You can "weld" selected objects together using the "Link" button on the 3D Measure tab:

    Then you can hide/show objects.



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    All --

    Any thoughts on this?


    -- Matt

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    Yuri --

    Thank you for the suggestion.

    I'll try it out and pass it along to the PREMIER USER ASAP.

    Thanks again.

    -- Matt
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