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Large DMP FILE being generated by PREMIER and stored in CRASHDUMP FOLDER . . .


All --

I recently had an issue that was causing my computer to be VERY slow to BOOT.

I was directed to use CCLEANER to identify and resolve the issue.

CCLEANER did do that and my computer is booting quite nicely now and operating much more smoothly.

The number of items that were identified when I ran it a couple of days ago were in the HUNDREDS because of TEMP FILES and CACHE FILES that had built up over time.

After doing a complete cleaning on MON, I decided to do an ANALYSIS today.  Part of that analysis highlighted 4 DMP FILES that seem to have been generated by work with PREMIER.

The SCREEN CAPTURE below shows these 4 files from the CCLEANER PERSPECTIVE and the WINDOWS PERSPECTIVE.

Is there any value to these 4 FILES that have consumed 350 MBYTES of my hard drive in just a couple of days.

If so, how do we take advantage of that.

If not, how do we keep them from being generated and eating up free disk space.


-- Matt

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  • 2017-06-30-134738

    Yuri --

    Thank you for your reply.

    Since MEDIA CY has never requested that I send in a copy of these files they seem to have very little value to me.

    Is there a setting that turns the generation of these files off so that they don't build up and consume DISK SPACE?


    -- Matt
  • 2017-06-30-142137

    Yuri --

    Per the instructions at


    I have set up


    I'll see if that eliminates the DMP FILES being created by PREMIER but it seems to be talking about the OPERATING SYSTEM.

    If there is something that repeatedly crashes PREMIER and which needs to be debugged, we can reconfigure, crash, and submit.


    -- Matt

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