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dentrites lenght region type

Hi Guys,
which is the meaning of these measurements?
I searched on the manual without results.
How can I use them to measure dendritic arms (Neurons) ?
a practical example about its use is welcome
thank you


  • Hi Maurizio,

    If you want to measure length of neuron arms, you can activate "Vectorize" counting option, which will turn any object to disconnected skeleton branches, and measure Line:Length.


  • Thanks Yuri,
    this work fine.
    but I am not able to use these two parameters:
    Dentrites, Number of
    Dentritic lenght
    can you explain me their meaning?

  • Hi Maurizio,

    Dendrites are measured as 1-pixel thick open branches, as described in the measurement tooltip. So, you may do some pre-processing (e.g. limited thinning) before measuring dendrites. Here is the example of such measurement.

    I've also attached the test image. 

    The "Vectorize", on other hand, doesn't require pre-thinning (thinning is applied internally by the measurement).

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