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Count/Size Class handling

Hi guys,
I have some confusion about how to use the classes in Count/size.
My goal is to count objects with different GL (two groups of objects)  assigning any group to a class.
I created two classe and I saved them (+ all the count options ) in a file.
then I selected the 1st class, set the threasold (AutoBright GL) and count the objects.
The objects were counted fine (and assigned to the right class).
Second step was to change the class (2nd class has been selected).
I tried to set the threasold (AutoDark GL) but the threasold is still assigned to the previous class (same color and name).
I counted the objects and the resuls was fine except for the destination class. All the new objects have been assigned to the 1st class instead of the second one. in addition the name of the 2nd class has been replaced in the class list with the name of the 1st class.
It is no easy to explain clearly what I mean, so I attached a PDF file with more explanation.
Can you clarify me which is the correct way to perform the analysis I need?
thank you


  • Hi Maurizio,

    When you use "Preserve existing data" option doing Count, a new class is added to ensure that old classes are not changed. If you want to keep the existing class names for segmentation, I recommend using multi-class thresholding, so you define 2 classes in the threshold dialog and then click Count, which will segment objects to "ferrite" and "austenite" classes and group properly.

    I've attached an IQO file (zipped) that includes 2 classes, as example. To test it:
    1. Load your image.
    2. Load the attached IQO file.
    3. Click Count - you should get results of 2 classes only.

    Let me know if it works for you.

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