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Hail and Large Spectral Filters

(Originally posted by August on 9/25/2007)

If an opportunity by means of HAIL to spend a filtration similar to Large Spectral Filters?



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    edited June 2013

    (Originally posted by YuriG on 9/25/2007)

    Though there is one undocumented function, which can be used to filter image defined by IMHANDLE:

    Declare Function LargeFlt Lib "IPLRG32" (ByVal ihImage As Integer, ByVal fltType As LSF_TYPES, ByVal width As Integer, ByVal height As Integer, ByVal Strength As Integer, ByVal cycles As Integer, ByVal bPreview As Long) As Long
    Sub TestLrg()
    	Dim hVri As Integer
    	ret = IpDocGet(GETDOCVRI, DOCSEL_ACTIVE, hVri)
    	On Error Resume Next 'IPP Basic complains about wrong number of parameters
    	On Error GoTo 0
    	ret = IpAppUpdateDoc(DOCSEL_ACTIVE)
    End Sub


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    edited June 2013

    (Originally posted by August on 9/25/2007)

    Thanks for your help Yuri!

    I try to recreate the numerous projects created in language AutoPro, on a low-order functions, for their best productivity and flexibility.
    Whether it is planned to include Align Images Command in HAIL? And that it is necessary to use function IpWsCreateFromVri, then IpAlignApply and so on.

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    (Originally posted by KevinR on 9/25/2007)

    The Align Images functionality is in a higher level DLL, supporting IpAlign( ). There are no plans to push this down to HAIL.

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