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Bone histomorphometry

I'm looking to estimate the amount of bone and stroma (in percentage) in a decalcified tissue section stained with Von kossa using image pro plus 6. In addition I am looking to differentiate the type of bone ( like woven, osteoid, lamellar etc) present in percentage to total bone. I'm uploading some images for reference. Mineralized bone is seen in brown/black colour and osteoid light pink in colour. Please guide me.Thank you.


  • The easiest way to measure area percentage is by using the Histogram. We also have the Phase Analysis app (attached) that reports area percentage of areas defined by intensity ranges in the Data Collector.
    The result may look like this:

    I've also attached the ranges used on the screenshot.


  • 2017-08-21-104404

    drravikanth --

    It looks like Yuri interpreted your question as an IMAGE-PRO PREMIER question.

    If you can interpret the advice he gave in terms of IMAGE-PRO PLUS, super.

    If you need this translated into the FEATURES and FUNCTIONS of IMAGE-PRO PLUS, please let us know.


    -- Matt
  • Dear Matt
    In fact, I find it difficult to interpret the suggestion given by Yuri. I am not much into image analysis and right now I am figuring it out how to do things in image pro plus. Please help me with step by step approach to solving this.
    Thanks and Regards
    Dr Ravikanth

  • 2017-09-01-161046

    Dr Ravikanth --

    There are multiple ways to tackle this but I have worked through what I think is a method that you can follow and automate if you want.

    Please see

        Bone Morphometry -- 2017-09-01-155057.docx

    which I have attempted to attach and post here.

    This DOCX FILE contains an illustration of how to work from your ORIGINAL IMAGE to a result that will allow you to measure and compare the portions of the image occupied by your tissue types.

    There are other ways to do this which may be more efficient but I think this one is perhaps the one that is most understandable in a STEP by STEP manner.

    I hope this is helpful.

    -- Matt

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