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VPF Saving Warning

Good afternoon everyone, 

I am seeking help to solve a problem very likely created by another user. When I start my Image-Pro Plus now, I get a VPF Saving Warning. It reads:

"The way to handle VPF file saving has changed. Now, you will have to explicitly save the VPF file if you want to preserve your changes, otherwise, they will be lost when loading or selecting a different VPF file."

Since this happened, I am not able to save any picture I take with a QImaging Retinga 2000 camera. Can someone help me?


  • Hello,

    Please try the following to try and reset the settings file handling:

    In the full capture panel, click on the Settings Options... button located in the bottom right corner.

    On the dialog window which appears, click on the Restore Factory Defaults button

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