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Reading out multiple ROIs in grid overlay

Hi Guys,
I would like to read out data selected before in my mesurements tab out of the multiple ROIs of my rectangle grid (see screenshot). I think there must be a missing link between grid overlay tab and measurement  tab for collecting data out of the grids rectangles. Forum discussions couldnt help. Do you have an idea?
Kind regards Svenja

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    Hi Svenja,

    I suggest to do not import the red rectangle. Import just 2 yellow (they part of the group).



  • Hi Svenja,

    The Features Manager is one of the ways to convert Grid Overlay to measurements. The steps are:
    1) Create Grid Overlay objects (like on your screenshot),
    2) Open Features Manager (Select tab, Features group),
    3) Add Grid Overlay objects to Features Manager
    4) Change type to Measurements
    5) Paste objects to image


  • Hi Nikita,
    thank you very much, that works perfectly.
    Maybe you can answer me another question:
    1) I have applied a grid overlay with rectangles (as in my image above), but only want to select 3 rectangles of all for my measurements. Is a selection of single rectangle ROIs of the grid possible?
    Thanks a lot! Svenja
  • Hi Svenja,

    No, the Grid Overlay is a "group" of overlay objects and it imported to Feature Manager as a "group" then this group splitted to single objects if converted to Measurements. You could select and delete unwanted rectangles as measurements.
    Also you could try to paste grid overlay as Annotations, ungroup, select objects you need and add back to Feature Manager (only selected objects will be added).


  • Thanks a lot for your help, Nikita!
  • Hello,
    working with the grid overlay put me to another question:
    - I have created an overlay with 2 defined yellow rectangles and want to get informations just out off them but not out off the third big red one around them (have a look at my screenshot). The measurements I want to get are not of the standard measurement list but self programmed and normally need a "green ROI" to be selected for measurement.
    - My problem is, that the parameters are only read out off the big red rectangle and not off the two yellow ones.
    I have already changed the collection type in the feature manager to "ROI" before.
    Do you have an idea?
    Thanks a lot for your help!
  • edited February 2018
    Svenja, please list the parameters you want to read out from 2 yellow rectangles.
  • Hi Nikita,
    here the list of my "complicate" parameters:
    - mean gradient value
    - contrast ( do
    - list of grey values that hit the 5%mark referring to the most representative grey value (that is set as 100%)
    Less complicate are mean,max.and min grey-scale value and heterogeneity, because they are "standard Parameters" of Image pro premier.
  • Here the formulae for contrast and mean gradient, if you are interested.
    Kind regards, Svenja
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