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IPP on Win 10 - 1709 only starts once

Until now we ran IPP 7.0 on a Windows 7 computer and now changed to Windows 10 1709. On the latest Windows 10 computer that we purchased, IPP starts only, if the first thing the user does after booting the system is to click the application icon i.e. to open IPP. Anything else prevents IPP from starting. There is only the hourglass displayed for 2-3 seconds. That is all. The other computers that are not configuered differently but were set up as Win 10 1607 and upgraded to 1709 with updates, with this IPP is running perfectly.

Error Code 0x0000005

Any help appreciated. Anyone who has had similar problems, please advice!


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    Hi Helga,

    You may need to update HASP driver to be compatible with Windows 10. If it will not help, please contact our technical support.


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    Hi Yuri, thanks so much for responding so quickly. Indeed I upgraded the HASP drivers to the latest of 7.63, even before the error occured. Before the upgrading of the HASP drivers, IPP wouldn't start at all. I will take your advice and contact your technical support though. Regards,Helga.
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    Problem Solved!!!!!

    Install the msi-package from disk/usb drive in compatibility mode (former windows version) and check the tickbox "run as administrator". Same mode for 7.0.1-Patch. IPP runs as expected. HASP driver is 7.41. Windows Version is 10 update 1709
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    We have just upgraded our microscope imaging PC to Windows 10 (from Windows 7) and IPP 7 stopped working.
    Where can I get the HASP driver up-dates please?
    Are there any other updates required for IPP 7 to work with Windows 10?

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    NikitaRG said:
    Do I need both these run time installers (GUI + command line) for Image Pro Plus 7.0.1?
    Do I need to have the red Image Pro Plus HASP key plugged in during the update?

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    Hi Francis,

    It couldn't be just a problem with HASP, but rather incompatibility of the latest Windows 10 update with IPP7.
    Please contact our technical support techsupport@mediacy.com regarding this problem. We have a hot fix for that.

    Best regards,


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    Ok Yuri,
    I have just emailed them Yuri. I look forward to their assistance.
    We left the upgrade from Win7 to Win10 because we guessed this might happen and the PC was in constant use.
    But we really need our microscope imaging capability back at some point.

    Thanks Francis.

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    edited June 2020
    After upgrading from Win10 1903 to Win10 2004 - I have found following:
    for Win10 1903 - HASP version works
    for Win10 2004 - HASP version 7.103.36472 works

    HASP version 7.63.14528 does not work any Win10 version.

    I have installed IPP 7.0 but not 7.0.1-Patch !!

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