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show metadata of an image in the output

Hello there,
I worked out a new question while processing my DICOM-images in IPP. Within the DICOM-default, every metainformation has a special tag, so that software can read it out. I would like to have a special tag called " (0008,0020) StudyDate" read out by IPP and shown in the Measurement table. In my example I would like to see the study date "2017-10-20" in a new table column in the measurement table.  In my current Excel Output I see for unmistakably identification of my images the "animal ID" (22669) and "image description" (HO-LI-QU) marked yellow in my example output. For the identification I also need the study date (for example shown in the red marked area instead of the feature name).
So here is my question:
1) How can IPP get access to the tag "StudyDate" in the DICOM metadata and create a new table column in the measurement table for the "StudyDate" to show it for every image in the measurement table?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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    Hi Svenya,

    Reading custom DICOM tags can be a complex task requiring low-level programming. As I can see from your screenshots, "StudyDate" looks like the file creation date, if that's the case, then you can use build-in metadata fields and read Image:Date field directly to Data Collector (you can find it in Image data provider, Image table). Here is how the result looks:

    You can find some tutorials about Data Collector in our Media Library http://www.mediacy.com/resources/media (search by Data Collector).



  • Thanks a lot, Yuri. That is exactly what I needed.
  • Hey,
    I would like to ask another question:
    1) Is it possible to change the output stile of the measurements in the code?
    It would be very helpful, if it would´nt be a table but like this:
     This example shows the output for my selfprogrammed values gradient and contrast.
    thanks for your help,
  • Hi Svenja,

    Yes, it is possible, but then you have to write your own macro and print values in your own format to the Output window (the forum contains many samples of this, search by ThisApplication.Output).

    Another solution would be to save the Data Table of Data Collector to a "Comma-delimited text file", which you can do from the Table toolbar, Text File item (in the Export button dropdown) or reshuffle the table in Excel using Excel macros.


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