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Is it possible to make the measurement line invisible while still showing the measurements?

I am measuring and annotating images and am hoping to get a fix for making the measurement lines invisible while still showing the measurements.  Otherwise I am creating text boxes for each measurement for labeling purposes and this is very time intensive.  Please tell me there is a way to achieve this!  Thanks! 


  • edited March 2018
    It is not possible to hide the line on the measurements overlay without hiding the label, but it's possible to convert measurements to annotations. There you can set line transparency to 0 to hide.

    1. Draw measurement line(s) with labels.
    2. Add all measurements to the Features Manager.
    3. Delete measurements from the image.
    4. Change feature type to Annotation and set it from the Features Manager to the image.
    5. In the Display Options dialog change the opacity of the line to 0 - it will hide the line, but the label be still visible.

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