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Error message while Analysis

Hello there,
 I have a problem with an error message, that occurs a bunch of times a time.
1) Case 1: While preparating SINGLE images for analysis (eg. crop, turn into 8 bit monochrome, calibrate: all these steps in one macro)
2) Case 2: While doing batch processing for a bunch of prepared images with ROIs and lines drawn within (eg performing a grey scale analysis including also self programmed features and measuring the lines length)
Has anyone an idea how I can avoid this error message: freely translated: "the object referral dont fit to the objects instance".
Could anyone help me?
Thanky a lot, Svenja

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    Hi Svenja,

    The the panel's layout is broken (at some point the panel was closed incorrectly). The fix: "Reset Tools Layout" on View tab, Workspace group, Tools button.



  • Hi Nikita,
    thanks a lot for your help. Now it works perfectly :-)
    Have a nice day!
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