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Use isosurface to clip labeled area, then measure intensity of second channel contained therein

I have a user who would like to measure the intensity of a second data channel that resides in areas delineated/clipped from an isosurfaced primary data channel.

The data is particulate in nature, and vary in size, so there are multiple objects that get evaluated in each field.

Is there an accessible methodology that can take the isosurface and apply it as a mask for a second "raw" voxel data channel?

Thanks in advance,



  • Hi Kevin,

    Use the following steps:
    1. Create Iso-surface of channel 1, activate Count (optionally remove unwanted objects and leave only objects you need.)
    2. Save Iso-surface to .IV file. (e.g. Ch1.iv). Use the Save button in the Iso-surface object toolbar.

    3. Create Iso-Surface of the second channel.
    4. Load the IV file saved on step 2 on new iso-surface using Load button.
    5. Check the 3D Data Table for Intensity measurements (Intensity mean, IOD,..) on the second iso-surface. The intensity values will report intensityes of the channel 2 within outlines crated on the channel 1.


  • Thanks so much, and particularly so on the promptness! Will give this a go.
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