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Very Large Image

When I open   a 46mb tiff file I get the Very Large Image dialog box. Its not a large image. How do I stop the VLI process from cluttering up my workspace?


  • By default multi-resolution TIFF images are opened in the Very Large Image (VLI) workspace no matter how small they are (such images usually have very large frames that need to be handled in sections or at a reduced resolution). This default was chosen to avoid confusion for people working with such images as to how they would be opened.

    However in the latest version 10 of Image Pro, just released recently, there is a setting that you can change via a macro which will alter this default behavior so that small multi-resolution TIFF images will open in a normal workspace.

    Here are macros to set and clear the "ForceVLI_TIFF" setting: the default state is True, so you need to run the ClearAlwaysVLI_TIFF macro to enable loading of small multi-resolution TIFF images into a non-VLI workspace.

        Public Sub SetAlwaysVLI_TIFF()
           ThisApplication.Settings("","Images").Set("ForceVLI_TIFF", True)
        End Sub

        Public Sub ClearAlwaysVLI_TIFF()
          ThisApplication.Settings("","Images").Set("ForceVLI_TIFF", False)
        End Sub

    The setting will persist from run-to-run until you change it or reset your Options.

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