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Shift a gray scale interval

(Originally posted by Ginny on 12/12/2007)

Hi all ~ Could someone tell me how to numerically shift a gray scale interval (with ImagePro plus) from one with a range spanning negative values, to one that is [0, L-1]? I get the [-Lmin, +Lmin] range from a subtraction process, but I do not wish to exclude the "noise" pixels below zero, but would simply wish to shift the entire range.



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    (Originally posted by Paul on 12/12/2007)

    If you are performing the subtraction using the Image Operations tool, you can shift the pixel range by putting some value in the "Add to result:[___]" box.

    If you are doing this via a macro, the second argument in IpOpImageArithmetics is the scalar value (additive for OPA_ADD, OPA_SUB and OPA_DIFF, and multiplicative for OPA_MULT or OPA_DIV).

    IpOpImageArithmetics(0, 1000, OPA_SUB, 1) will subtract wsID "0" (zero) from the active workspace, add 1000 and return the result to a new image workspace of the same class as the active image.


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    (Originally posted by Ginny on 1/19/2008)

    I have another question related to this one.

    I want to show a dF/F figure that is normalized to the maximum F response in the image. For example, if dF/Fo is 3%, I want the red in a pseudocolored image to be 3%, and everything else below that to be scaled accordingly.

    How do I do this with clipping of negative values to zero? Is this possible by simply using the enhance option for adjusting contrast?


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    (Originally posted by YuriG on 1/23/2008)

    You can also use Pseudo color for that. Just activate macro recording and adjusting pseudo-color check the recorded macro.

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