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unable to open svs image

I can see the svs files listed under Open Images. But I can't open them.
I get a message saying Image-Pro Premier 64bit can't automatically recognize the file format, try loading it as raw data with a pop-up window listing various fields:
Data type (Colour RGB); Byte Order (LSB First - intel); Bits per Pixel (tried 8 and 16); Width (0); Height (0); Starts Offset (0); Line Offset (0)

when I hit ok I get the following:-
Error in Image-Pro Premier 64bit - Attempted divide by zero

Is it something I am doing wrong, Is there extra info I need to input (if so where to I find it in the svs file

Thanks, F


  • There were some bugs related to opening legal SVS images, which should be fixed in the upcoming Image Pro 10.0.1 patch.  For now, try renaming the image file with a .TIF extension (instead of SVS) and see if you can open it then.  If not, we can explore other potential problems.
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