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Open TIF file will cause the IP10 software crash

Hi All,

I get a few TIF format images from customers and want to use IP10 for analysis. Unfortunately, when I try to open those TIF format images the IP10 software will crash directly.

I have tried to change the file name and shortening the file path, but the problem still occurs every time I opened those TIF format files.

I have attached those TIF format images as below. Maybe someone can help me to find the cause of the problem soon.


My computer specifications:
Image-Pro 10 Build 6912 64-bit
OS Windows 10 / CPU Intel i7-6770HQ  2.6 GHz / RAM 8GB / Video NVIDIA GeForce GTX960M

Best Answer


  • Hi Nikita,
    Thank you for your help!
    After to replace this McImageSetFileTifLib.dll file, the IP10 can open TIF format file well.
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