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Better results with Line Profile


I was using the Line Profile tool and I realized that my results are not smooth. I guess it does not recognize the motion of the pixels that well, and that is why my response looks like steps. Is there any other tool I can use to make smoother the definition of the edges? 
I am using rising by the way. 
I also tried Pattern A & B, but could not find the results I got from them. 

If you have any suggestion, please let me know.



  • Is there any possible way to always look for the position when the pixel takes a value of 150 for example? So that way it will move smoothly and with the video and not by steps I guess. 
  • 2018-06-12-175735

    Juan --

    Based on the image you are showing, it looks like the OBJECT in the middle of your image is moving or changing size (getting smaller) as the sequence plays and that you are looking to find the transition from OBJECT to BACKGROUND along the SAMPLE LINE as the sequence plays.

    I am not a frequent user of the DATA COLLECTOR and I do not have a sample image similar to yours so I cannot replicate your results.

    Would it be possible for you to post a SAMPLE SEQUENCE here by doing a SUB-SAMPLE one of your SEQUENCES?

    Also, can you please describe the measurement you wish to extract from your images?


    -- Matt

  • Juan,

    I don't see the calibration of your image, but the steps on the graph may be just 1 pixel, so you cannot go smoother (unless you smooth the graph itself).

    Regarding detecting at fixed threshold of 150: you can use Threshold tool to make a mask of the sequence based on 150 threshold, then you will have a binary image with very clear edge which you can track using line profile.

  • Hi, 

    @Matt Yes, you are right. The object is moving frame by frame and I want to see the transition from the object to the background, so I can detect the edge of the object and so its high regarding time. I have a video of 800 frames approx, I can clearly see in the video how the edge is smoothly moving, but when I go for the line profile tool, it gets stuck in one position even if the value of the pixel is moving. Then, when the value has changed a lot, it moves to another position and remains there for some time. I guess that is the main reason why I am getting an answer stepped. 

    @Yuri I crop the video so that is why you cannot see the calibration, but it is there. I am sure it is not an issue due to the pixels, because I can zoom the image and see more pixels and how the recognition of the edge is being delayed in the measurement. How can I use this threshold tool? That might be the solution.

    Thanks a lot again for the help
  • 2018-06-13-095109

    Juan --

    Can you extract and crop a representative section of your image so we can work with it to diagnose and attempt to resolve this issue?


    -- Matt

  • Here is an example sequence of the images. You can see that the line profile is detecting that the value is changing, but the position does not move. after 16 frames approximately that the change is the value is high, it moves to another position.  

  • Juan,

    Regarding binary mask: Click the Binary Mask button, in the Threshold Tool dialog set the right threshold (e.g. 150) and click the Mask button - it will create a new binary sequence. 

  • 2018-06-13-103600

    Juan --

    Can you post some of the ORIGINAL IMAGES without anything else in them so we can work with them?

    -- Matt

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