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Design Add-in Ribbon panel


I have question about design Addin's Ribbon.
I created an addin project  in VB.net.
And i try add some tools like 'botton', 'splitbotton','menuSeparator'.  Those items can work.

To reference 'Extra' tabs.   I Add Checkbox or NumericUpDown items. Both of them can't show on ribbon. 
Would you do me a favor ?


  • Hello WesanSyu,

    We only provide basic support for defining controls in the ribbon. If your application requires more, the easiest way is to move these controls into a panel, in which case you can use anything you want. If your requirements ask for a more complex ribbon, we recommend that you purchase a copy of DevComponents' DotNetBar. With that tool, you will be able to design the most sophisticated ribbons.

  • Hi Pierre,

    I understand. Thank you for your kind assistance.

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