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Single classification after "count by ROI"

I just received and installed the updated version of IPP (IPP 10) in order to be able to use the "Count by Roi" tool.
Unfortunately if after "Countby ROI" I want to sort the objects depending on their size using the "single classification" tool the system does not keep the measurements divided by ROIs. It puts everything back together.
Is there a way to use the single classification and keep the measurements divided by ROI as well?
Thanks a lot,
My best regards!


  • Hi Carlotta,

    Both tools "Count by ROI" and "Single Variable Classification" use "Classes" to separate objects, so if you execute Classification after Count by ROI the existing classes are overwritten by Classification classes. There is also another field, which can be used for grouping: Parent, which is created by "Count by ROI" and stays unchanged after executing Classification (typically Region1, Region2,...), so you can use grouping by both Parent and Class to have classification of features inside parents according to you classification ranges (activate Grouping and drag Parent and then Class Name column headers to the grouping bar), like this:


  • Thanks a lot, you solved my problem! I did not realize I could simply subgroup the table just by moving the "class name" column. Thanks a lot for the perfect example and explanation!
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