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Converting Image Pro Plus macros to Image Pro Premier

I'm a long time user of Image Pro Plus (starting back at v4.5 up to v7) and had written several macros for key work done in my lab.  Recent events forced a computer upgrade to Windows 10 which in turn, necessitated a move to Image Pro Premier.  Is there a service where I can have some of the more important macros converted?  I'm working on learning the new environment, but it's different enough that it will take me longer than I would like to keep my work up to date!


  • Hi David,

    We can certainly provide help with this process here on the forum and point you to the relevant part of documentation or sample code. If you are looking to accelerate things further, you could also consider contracting some of this work. I`ll email you contact information for consulting services in a separate email.

  • 2018-07-17-104054

    David Bell --

    ALCES IMAGING AND AUTOMATION has been in business since 2010 providing SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT for IMAGE-PRO PLUS and IMAGE-PRO (previously IMAGE-PRO PREMIER).

    Please contact ALCES if you would like to discuss how we can assist you.


    -- Matt

    Matthew M. Batchelor
    President and Applications Engineer
    Alces Imaging and Automation, LLC
    2906 Blue Wind Court
    Houston, TX  77084
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