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create a mask from selected objects


I am using image-pro premier 9.2 for detecting objects with specific characteristics, so i made a segmentation, i used learning classification feature by measurement characteristics and i detected the objects of interest (class 1) from the rest of the objects in the image (class 2). I wonder if is it possible to create a mask for a selected class of objects, i.e create the mask of objects only belonging to class 1. 

thank you in advance,



  • Yes, it is possible. You just need to hide unwanted objects using one of the available methods:

       1. click "Show Selected" button in Data Table toolbar (or in the Count/Size ribbon, Select group, drop-down)
       2. click "Show Class 1" (use the name of your class) in the Select button drop-down of the Data Table toolbar.

    then click the Mask button (Count/Size tab, Image group)


  • Yuri,

    thank you very much. It works perfectly.


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