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Counting on Live Preview

Using a Workspace Preview, it's possible to measure objects in a live image. 

To do so, use two macros - one to set up Count/Size, and another to update it on a per-frame basis. 

Sub Count_settings()
' Configure count. This can include thresholds, auto-dark or auto-bright, measurements,
' etc. In this case the object labels are set to display the area of the objects.
ret = IpBlbSetAttr(BLOB_LABELMODE,3)
End Sub

Sub Count_On_Preview()
' Simple call to update the count.
ret = IpBlbCount()
ret = IpBlbUpdate(0)
End Sub

Using the expanded Capture dialog (click on More >>), enable Workspace Preview. Under the "Macro" tab, select "Count_settings" under Pre-Live, and "Count_On_Preview" in the Workspace Preview droplist. 

Now the live preview will include live measurements as well. 

[ Note: you may have to close and re-open the Capture dialog to refresh the list of available macros. ]
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