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Live image clear, Captured image blurred

In Image pro premier. Using monochrome camera (infinity 3 luminera), the fluorescent image under live view was clear but same image after capture appears blurred. The composite image of two image was also very unclear.What could be possible reasons. Thank you in advance. 

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    The differences between Live preview and Capture are defined in the capture options dialog. Typically the options for Live and Capture are the same, but you may have differences, so please check if you use the same exposure, image type and other parameters to ensure that they are identical.

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    Hi Yuri, Thank you for your response. Your previous answer helped. 

    Now I have little bit problem with image not getting very clear. I have listed some of my problems. 

    1.       Our pictures are grainy (not glossy). I played with millisecond, gain adjustment and also histogram but it did not helped much. Is there any way we can make refined picture. Or do you have any training videos or readings that would help.

    2.       The composite pictures are also grainy too. Not clear.

    3.         How to make make dark background

    Thank you. 

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    Hi Mohan,

    It depends on the camera and the image, but usually, you can reduce noise by increasing exposure time and decreasing gain. 

    Another option is to use post-acquisition image processing. For example, you can capture multiple images (e.g. 25) of the same object and then use Average function (Process tab, Combine group, Sub-sampling drop-down) to get Average image of a sequence. (noise will be reduced 5 times).

    Image-Pro has many filters that can increase contrast/sharpness of acquired images. Try to activate filter preview and play with filter options to see how it affects the image (e.g. High Gaussian, Large Band-Pass,...)

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